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Ben Long has put together excellent starter packs for the starting falconer for a reasonable price including astarter_pack_web.jpg free gift.

The items shown are the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM for the training and maintenance of any bird-of-prey used for falconry. Please note that this is NOT a lower-quality range of equipment, but is selected from our normal range, world-renowned for quality, style and durability. The Harris' Hawk or redtailed buzzard are widely-regarded as the best for a beginner, although other species of birds can also be catered for.

Ben Long Starter Pack includes: 

  • Glove                         [for hand protection]
  • Jess sets                   [tethering system for attachment to perch or glove]
  • Swivel and leash      [parts of the tethering system]
  • Bells                          [to aid location of a free-flying hawk]
  • Bewits                       [to attach bells]
  • Bowperch                  [daytime perch]
  • Bath                           [bathing and drinking water]
  • Scales                        [all hawks must be weighed daily and very accurately]
  • Creance (+stick)      [Line used as a safeguard during training]
  • Lure (+stick)            [pursuit training]
  • Leather dressing       [to protect glove and jesses, to keep them strong and supple]
  • Vitamin supplement  [to enhance the quality of food, particularly when reducing weight]
  • Whistle (+lanyard)   [to associate a sound with food in the hawk's mind]
  • FREE Hawking Vest or bag (+strap) [for carrying equipment and food while hunting]

Starter Packs Costs:

For Male Harris Hawk: £350.00 (plus £18.00 p&p) including FREEvest or bag and strap

For Female Harris, Male or Female Redtail : £360.00 (plus £18.00 p&p) including FREE vest or bag and strap

Prices will vary for other species. Please contact us for further information if necessary. When ordering we need the following information:

  1. Species and sex of hawk
  2. Hand tracing for glove size, faxed or by post, not via e-mail
  3. Chest size/height for vest if required

It is also possible to vary the items in the pack (e.g. balance scales/weights instead of digital or portable instead of outdoor bowperch), with a price adjustment as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a Starter Pack, please allow 3 weeks for delivery if possible.

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