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Raptor Essentials 100g

Vitamin/mineral supplement for birds of prey  Product Details...


Raptor Essentials 400g

Vitamin/mineral supplement  Product Details...


Reminiscences of a Falconer (Charles Fisher)

Reminiscences of a Falconer by Major Charles Hawkins Fisher  Product Details...


Replacement Antenna

Screw-in antenna for Standard, Merlin or High Power transmitters  Product Details...


Revolving Punch

High quality 6-way hole punch  Product Details...


Sampo-style Swivel

Sampo-style swivel in two sizes  Product Details...


Scalpel Blades No. 24 (curved)

Packet of 5 curved scalpel blades   Product Details...


Scalpel Blades No. 26 (straight)

Packet of 5 straight scalpel blades  Product Details...


Shoulder Strap

English bridle leather and webbing, with brass fittings  Product Details...


Small Cableties

Pkt of 20 small cableties  Product Details...


Spar/Merlin Transmitter

Lightweight, powerful transmitter for the smallest raptors  Product Details...


Spike for blocks

Polished, stainless steel, screw-on spike for all blocks  Product Details...


Stainless Steel Kite Reel

Polished steel kite reel  Product Details...


Standard Transmitter

Standard power transmitter, complete with tailmount clip   Product Details...


Star transmitter

The lightweight and powerful Star transmitter  Product Details...


Starter Pack, large-sized hawks

Starter Pack, large size hawks, including free gift  Product Details...


Starter Pack, medium-sized hawks

Starter pack for medium-sized hawks, including a FREE GIFT  Product Details...


Swivel (extra large)

Extra large swivel  Product Details...

You Save: £3.50

Swivel (large eagle)

Stainless eagle swivel  Product Details...


Swivel (large)

Large sized swivel from stainless steel  Product Details...

You Save: £2.75

Swivel (medium)

TIG-welded, polished stainless steel swivel  Product Details...

You Save: £2.50

Swivel (small)

TIG welded, polished stainless steel swivel  Product Details...

You Save: £2.50

Tailguard (size 1)

Tailguard for smallest hawks and falcons  Product Details...


Tailguard (size 2)

Tailguard for medium-sized falcons  Product Details...


Tailguard (size 3)

Tailguard for larger falcons  Product Details...


Tailguard (size 4)

Tailguard for male Harrises, male gosses etc.  Product Details...


Tailguard (size 5)

Large tailguard for female Harrises, female gosses etc.  Product Details...


Tailmount (Crimp-on)

Ultra-lightweight tailmounts for regular transmitters and tailguards, and "micro" transmitters etc.  Product Details...


Tailmount Pliers

Specially-designed pliers for crimping tailmounts  Product Details...


Telemetry Receiver Case

Telemetry Receiver Case  Product Details...


The Baz-Nama-Yi Nasiri by Lieut Col D C Phillott

First edition translation 1908  Product Details...


The Complete Rabbit and Hare Hawk by Martin Hollinshead

A complete manual for anyone hawking ground game  Product Details...


The Goshawk by T H White

First edition 1951  Product Details...


The Red-tailed Hawk (Beatriz Candil Garcia)

Packed with detail, with an impressive collection of photographs and illustrations, this is a book on the red-tailed hawk. Everything you need to know about this species.  Product Details...


Titan dog tracking collar

Locate the far away pointer or stalker's dog  Product Details...


Toggle-Style (Bullet) Jess Set (L/XL)

Bullet Toggle-Style Jess Set (Large/Extra large)  Product Details...


Toggle-style (Bullet) Jess Set (medium)

Toggle-style jess set  Product Details...


Training Birds of Prey (Jemima Parry-Jones)

Good general training book   Product Details...


Training Kite

Training kite (5ft 8ins/1.7m wide) with fibreglass sticks  Product Details...


Understanding Owls (Jemima Parry-Jones)

Biology, breeding and training of owls   Product Details...


Understanding the Bird of Prey (Dr Nick Fox)

Understanding Birds of Prey covers every topic in the sport today, Highly recommended  Product Details...


Veterinary Aspects original thesis J E Cooper

Almost unique copy of thesis  Product Details...


Wheel-type Stitch marker

Professional wheel-type stitch marker  Product Details...


Whistle Lanyard

Green, with detachable spring clip   Product Details...


Whistle, anodised aluminium

Aluminium whistle  Product Details...


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