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Throughout the years, most true falconers have aspired to use Ben Long Falconry products , for all discerning falconers know they are rated among the best in the world for quality, style, function and fit.

Nowadays, almost all UK suppliers buy in and sell on cheap Pakistani equipment, made by companies with little or no knowledge of practical falconry. Just visit other falconry equipment websites to see how very similar they are!

Ben Long has been crafting falconry furniture since 1970 in a time when just about all falconers had to make their own falconry equipment. Other falconers made simple items, but Ben had the inspiration to create top-quality products rather than just home-made jesses, gloves or hoods.

The designs are second to none, which can be seen by their influence on the output of other falconry furniture makers worldwide, who try, with limited success, to produce similar items.

However, these products are the ORIGINAL originals! In our range only the best materials are used, giving beauty and elegance, yet items are supremely functional for each individual falcon, goshawk, Harris Hawk, eagle or even owl.

Ben Long Original Designs are specified throughout the website, and these items are still made exclusively in our own workshops. Don’t be fooled by Pakistani copies using inferior materials.

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