Falconry Courses

Ben Long holds courses and other tuition for both beginners and the more experienced.

Please visit our website on www.thefalconryschool.com for more detailed information.


The most popular, this is the one/two day introduction to falconry. They are very informal, and designed to give a fun day for those who just want that, while still being educational.


The Falconry School holds these every month between February and November inclusive, generally for anyone intending to go on to keep and fly a raptor. These are the most comprehensive days of tuition available in the UK. For further details go to: thefalconryschool.com


A large amount of information about falcons. This can be a one/two day course as required by the client(s).


Maybe you already have your own hawk or falcon, and have some difficulties. Asking your friends may not be enough – come and get some help! Don’t be shy – your bird is going to be with you for the next 10 to 20 years, so why not do things correctly at the beginning? We can assess your problems and provide remedies and give an effective plan of progression.

Remember – visit our website on www.thefalconryschool.com for more detailed information.