Read this before buying falconry gloves!

Inexperienced falconers always think they need a thick, long glove to withstand the awesome talons of their mighty hawks! In fact, traditionally, falconry gloves are made of “buckskin”, which is specially-tanned deerskin. This makes them comfortable, soft and supple like a second skin, so you can feel the hawk through the glove. This is something an experienced falconer can appreciate. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable if the hawk grips tightly. This is not a fault. Gripping is common with young, untrained hawks, but this usually gets easier as the hawk matures, so man up!

In Britain today, only two or three companies make deerskin gloves, as almost all gloves are made in Pakistan from various types of cowhide. Sometimes the leather is called “Nubuck”, but it is still cowhide. All of these gloves are stiff and hard, but cheap, and if this is what you are expect in a falconry glove please DO NOT BUY OUR GLOVES. However, if you want a real falconry glove we will be pleased to supply you with one. Once you are used to a proper one, you will never go back to something inferior.

Our gloves are well known to be the best available in the world today, due to the superbly-fitting patterns, supple strong buckskin and excellence of manufacture which have been the hallmark of Ben Long gloves for many years.

All gloves have rolled edgings of contrasting hide, and a dee-ring fitted for added security. These gloves will often last some 10 years or more if treated with our Falconers’ Leather Dressing. We cannot be responsible for the performance of our gloves if any other substance is used.