Anklets for longwings


Anklets for medium to large falcons, which have a relatively short tarsus.

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Anklets for small to large falcons, which have a relatively short tarsus, so the anklets are made narrower to allow more room on the leg for rings and bewits. Suitable for flying weights up to around 3.5lbs (1600g) flying weight.

Includes eyelets and washers, which are all medium size (apart from the small size anklets). Either small, medium or large size jesses (leather or braided) will work, as appropriate to the size of falcon, with appropriate swivels and leashes etc.

You will need an eyelet plier tool with medium dies to fit the anklets, EXCEPT for the small size which will need small dies and uses small eyelets. Small anklets are made from kangaroo.

Please note:  Colours will vary as available

When ordering, quote the sizes applying to the species shown below

  • Gyr or large female gyr/saker etc. order Extra large (eyelet size medium)
  • Female peregrine, saker, male gyr/saker etc. order Large (eyelet size medium)
  • Tiercel peregrine, lanner, lanneret etc. order Medium (eyelet size medium)
  • Kestrel, merlin, American kestrel etc. order Small (eyelet size small) Made from kangaroo.

An Original Ben Long design

Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2 cm

S, M, L, XL

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