Bowperch frame only (without spikes or feet)


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Probably the most well-designed bowperch ever made. This is completely constructed from stainless steel, with a TIG-welded frame, and can be fitted with interchangeable spikes and feet, allowing the perch to be converted from an outdoor style to an indoor/portable version in seconds. Includes stainless locknuts on each end, to lock feet or spikes in place.

  • It has a revolutionary shape which allows the ring to slide easily over the bow without snagging, whilst at the same incorporating a flatter, larger radius perching area. Features to allow the ring to move over the bow include a 60-degree angle from the ground, and a rubber centre with tapered ends.
  • The large diameter stainless steel ring is totally seamless (no welds)
  • The moulded rubber centre is attached mechanically to the frame (not glued)

REMEMBER – This is the frame ONLY, and you will need either spikes or feet to be able to use it.

An Original Ben Long design

Additional information

Weight 2300 g
Dimensions 64 × 32 × 6 cm

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