Base plate for blocks – Zinc plated


Base plate for blocks or bowperches, zinc-plated


Zinc-plated steel base plate to fit to our blocks, converting them for indoor use, in a car etc.

Size 1 base plate is 300mm (almost 12″) diameter and 10mm thick, with an M12 threaded hole in the centre. Weight 12lbs (5.45kg). Suitable for the 8″ block, or the 6″ block if extra weight is required.

Size 2 base plate is 200mm (8″) diameter and 12mm thick, again with M12 threaded hole. Weight 6.27lbs (2.85kg). Suitable for the 6″ block or smaller. This is NOT suitable for the 8″ block.

Additional information

Weight 5500 g
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 4 cm

Size 1, Size 2

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