Hawk Bath


Hawk baths, with non-slip central area.

Please read below for more information on diameters and species.

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Not all hawk baths are created equal. These are hand made, laminated with layers of fibreglass to produce a solid structure which will function for many years. There is also a non-slip central area so that the hawk can stand securely. There is also a small cutout in the rim of each bath so that it can be lifted for easy emptying.

See below for diameters and species:

Suitable for:

  • Small: fibreglass hawk bath, 24″/60cm diameter, suitable for: Kestrel Spar Barn Owl Merlin etc.
  • Medium: fibreglass hawk bath, 27″/69cm diameter, suitable for: Tiercel peregrine, Sakret, Male Gos, Male Harris Hawk etc.
  • Large: fibreglass hawk bath, 32″/81cm diameter, suitable for Female Peregrine, Saker and other large falcons, female Gos, female Harris Hawk, Redtail, Ferruginous etc.

An Original Ben Long design

Additional information

Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 12 cm

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