How do I start falconry?

Before anything, obtain and read as many books as you can about the subject. Also view any dvds. Then go on a good quality course for at least a day. Then try to find a local falconer to go hawking with. All this will help you to decide whether it’s really for you. It is a great commitment, and time needs to be devoted to your hawk every day. Also, examine your motives for having a raptor. You should only wish to have one to fly, not to pose with nor to help you become a minor celebrity! You will also need access to land to fly your hawk, so you will have to make friends with local farmers and landowners.

If you are serious, come on a course with Ben at the Falconry School, and after 3 days you could be ready to take on your own hawk – with a bit of backup! If you are in doubt, Ben will try to put you back on track.

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